Local authors

Angus MacVicar

Author of many titles including some very sought after Children’s books and a number of biographical works featuring Southend, Kintyre. Click on his name at the top for more details and obituary.

Angus Martin

Author of a number of locally based titles focussing on Kintyre history. His books generally contain an interesting mix of anecdotal history and hard facts. Click on his name at the top for more details.

Naomi Mitchison 1899 – 2000

Naomi Mitchison lived for most of her colourful life at the ‘Carradale estate’ set at the foot of Carradale glen just 13 miles north of Campbeltown. A prolific writer, Naomi was popular locally and involved with many Carradale projects designed to enhance and develop the lives of those she touched. An avowed socialist, her husband was Labour MP for the area. Her writings have a strong feminist feel although she consistently refused to label herself in that way. Click at the top of the page for more information.

Kintyre Publications

There are several other publications including Cuthbert Bede’s ‘Glencreggan’ (1861) From which the above illustration of Saddall Castle (painted by the author) is taken. For more details click at the top of the page for a broad listing and introduction to the main titles presently available both in and out of print. Authors featured include Freddy Gillies, Cuthbert Bede and others.