Campbeltown, Kintyre, Argyll, Scotland.

Probably the best site on line for Campbeltown, Kintyre information. Packed with links to take you to other Kintyre sites

The online home of the Kintyre Antiquarian Society Magazine.

A great resource for anyone researching Kintyre History

Campbeltown boasts the Oldest still operating cinema in Scotland. A fabulous art deco building, and a great atmosphere. Called ‘the Picture House’ and run as a charity the cinema brings all the greats of the worlds film industry here to Kintyre.

Do you have photographs that are torn, creased, cracked, scratched, faded, off colour, stained or have people with red eyes, which you would like repaired? This is Kintyre’s answer. A business brimming with photographic expertise. Do have a look.
Home of the UK’s independent booksellers Network.

A site looking at many different Scottish businesses with a focus on Campbeltown. (Includes Holiday Accomodation)

A local private (Yes they do exist) music shop selling CD’s etc. An online presence allows any order to be placed from anywhere. The shop also supports the Kintyre Music Cooperative which enables local musicians to find a platform through the hosting of gigs, and sponsorship of events. The proprietor is himself lead singer of the ‘Dubious Blues Band’ popular throughout the Scottish west coast.