Angus Martin

Born in Campbeltown in 1952 Angus Martin is well known locally for his well researched histories encompassing aspects of Kintyre’s past

Kintyre The Hidden Past

Published by John Donald. First Published 1984, republished 1999.

This is essentially a book about the ‘ordinary people’ of Kintyre. It combines thorough and objective scholarship together with the personal voice of its’ author and his intimate knowledge of Kintyre. For anyone researching kintyre roots this book is an essential containing much research that is unavailable elsewhere. It also includes new information about Irish immigration, the anglicisation of native surnames and surviving Gaelic elements in the dialect.

Printed in 1984 it was reprinted in 1999 and is still available. We normally have copies in stock. Click search our stock to check and order.

The North Herring Fishing

Published by the ‘House of Lochar’ 2001

This is the oral history of forays to the minches by the fisherman of Ayrshire and KINTYRE. It is presented through the mens memories and traditions and as such it contains intimate details of the skills, courage and humour of these sea going hunters, rather than detailed descriptions of the techniques involved. The book also explore’s ‘appearances’ or the fisherman’s uncanny ability to interpret natural phenomena and to see, hear, smell and feel the very presence of the herring beneath the sea.

Printed in 2001 we normally have copies available and for anyone interested in a major part of Kintyre life this book is a must.

The Ring Net Fishermen:

Published by John Donald 1981

This book traces the development of ring net fishing from the early nineteenth century to the present day. More than just a history of the fishing industry on the West Coast of Scotland the author provides a full picture of the life of the fisherman both ashore and afloat. The narrative is illustrated with anecdotes and reminisences collected by the author over the years.

Presently out of print we do have the occasional copy through our hands. Search our stock to check availability.

Other publications include:

Kintyre Country Life.

Hard to get hold of but well worth the search, a book which does for the Kintyre Agricultural industry what the ‘North Herring Fishing’ and ‘Ring Net Fishermen’ did for fishing.

The Larch Plantation:

Published by MacDonald Publishers 1990

A book of poetry grown out of a distinct and recognisable locality – Campbeltown and Kintyre. But the landscape is not simply observed: we find a strong sense of the everyday human effort entailed in coexisting with mountain and sea, whether as shepherd or farmer or fisherman. There is a strong sense too of the affinity between the present inhabitants (The poet and his immediate family) and the lost generations who in their time inhabited it.

Presently out of print and very scarce indeed this book is a must for those wishing to catch a glimpse of Kintyre through a native eye and portraits drawn with words.

Sixteen walks in South Kintyre:

A booklet published by Kintyre Civic Society in 1994 and designed to enable the reader to explore South Kintyre on foot. Sadly once more out of print but again the odd copy does come along from time to time.